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The 4 best cannagars in 2024

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The 4 best cannagars in 2024

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First, there were infused pre-rolls. Then there came backwoods blunts, and now, the king of cannabis smoke culture is the cannagar. A beautiful mashup of blunt and cigar, these celebratory hand-rolled creations deliver a high-end smoking experience.  

Not for the faint of heart, canna-cigars are substantial in both heft and potency, often holding over five grams of flower. So whether you love the intoxicating experience or the slow, flavorful burn, below we answer the age-old question, “What is a cannagar?”

What are cannagars?

Imagine a party-sized joint got together with a traditional cigar to have a love child. In essence, this is a cannagar. Cannabis cigars are extra-large, hand-rolled blunts designed to replicate the experience of smoking a tobacco leaf cigar. 

While a joint typically contains a gram or less of flower, a cannagar is usually five or six times that size. For extra impact, many manufacturers also go the extra mile to dip each roll into cannabis extract, infuse it with terpenes, or pack it with kief.

Most will find that smoking a cannagar is a full-flavored experience that may last for hours, depending on the smoker. 

Undeniably, cannagars are a cannabis flex. These are premium products designed for cannabis connoisseurs looking to celebrate special occasions or impress onlookers at a party.

How cannagars are different from joints or blunts 

First, cannagars are substantially larger than a classic joint or blunt. On average, most cannabis cigars start with about five grams of flower inside, although there are cigars that have ten or more.

Second, they are shaped and wrapped like tobacco cigars. Imagine a thick cannabis sausage with rounded edges. It’s rolled in a luxurious exterior wrap that varies depending on the producer. Some use cannabis leaves, others hemp wraps, or you may even find rice paper.

Third, cannagars are not designed for the medicinal patient. Due to the size, potency, and format, these are most often found in adult-use/recreational markets. 

How to make a cannagar

The key to producing a handmade artisanal cannagar is to start with a mold. Purple Rose Supply is one of the most notable brands making cannagar molds today. The brand has created several differently sized molds as well as cannagar wraps and other supplies available in the US and Canada.

Learning how to roll a cannagar starts with a mold. First, insert the thin wooden skewer into one end of the mold. Then, add a pinch of flower into the mold, packing down tightly before adding another pinch. Unlike packing a bowl, the more pressure, the better. The greater the compression, the slower the burn. Repeat until full. 

Once the mold is filled and tightly packed down, you’ll need to let it and the flower cure in a cool, dry place. Purple Rose recommends up to 12 hours for the biggest molds. Curing is another crucial factor for extending burn time.

Once properly cured, unlock the mold and carefully transfer the cannagar to the wrapper. At this point, you can add a concentrate boost. Waxes and kief are tasty options, and both are easy to work with. Then, start wrapping as you would a cigar, removing the skewer at the very end.

The 4 best cannigar brands

  • Size: 6 grams flower, 1 gram rosin
  • Available in: California, invite-only membership
  • Burn time: 1 hour
  • Size: 12 grams flower
  • Available in: Washington
  • Burn time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Size: 2 grams flower
  • Available in: California
  • Burn time: 1 hour
  • Size: 2 grams flower
  • Available in: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario
  • Burn time: 15 minutes

Joya de Vazquez Queen Nzinga

Price: n/a
Size: 6 grams flower, 1 gram rosin
Cannabinoids: n/a
Available in: California, invite-only membership
Burn time: 1 hour

Joya de Vazquez is one of the few cannabis companies making cannagars with authentic cured tobacco leaf as a wrap and binder. Although Vazquez made its claim to fame with the Ganjarillo, the latest addition to the lineup is the Queen Nzinga, so named for the exotic blend it contains.

Each cigar is one part tobacco, one part cannabis, and one part cannabis rosin. These specialty canna-cigars burn for up to an hour and are all handmade on a small batch basis. Joya de Vazquez operates on an invite-only membership, with delivery in California.

Leira IVXX Cannabis Cigar

Price: $420
Size: 12 grams flower
Cannabinoids: Varies
Available in: Washington
Burn time: 2 to 3 hours

Leira has always styled itself as an ultra-high-end cannabis brand. It launched more than five years ago on 4/20 with its very first cannagar containing 14 grams of flower and wrapped in gold leaf. 

This version is a bit more in reach for the everyday consumer. Every Leira IVXX Cannagar contains 12 grams of top-shelf flower, cured over several days and finished with fan leaves. The expected burn time is between two and three hours.

E4P Hemp CBD Cannagars

Price: $74.99
Size: 2 grams flower
Cannabinoids: full spectrum CBD
Available in: California
Burn time: 1 hour

A novel addition to the cannabis cigar lineup, E4P has designed a cigar made completely from USDA-compliant hemp. Each CBD cigar contains six grams of hemp flower, lovingly rolled into a classy rounded-tip, 34-gauge cigar. Cured for seven days and wrapped with bright green fan leaves, this is the ultimate mellow, slow-burning experience.

Buddy Homburg Infused Cannagar with CBG

Price: $30.95
Size: 2 grams flower
Cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBG
Available in: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario
Burn time: 15 minutes

Canada’s answer to the cannagar is a two-gram, hemp-wrapped ‘cannarillo,’ or small cigar. Buddy Homburg packs every infused cannagar with THC-rich flower, then infuses it with CBD, CBG, and terpenes to build a complex flavor and experiential profile.

In total, there are 600 mg of cannabinoids inside each infused cigar. Strain selection varies depending on production, but you can expect well over 100 mg of THC per cigar.

Bottom line on cannagars

There is absolutely no doubt that cannabis cigars have captured the attention of high-end cannabis consumers. Slow-burning and deeply flavorful, cannagars are inherently celebratory, just like their tobacco namesake. 

Whether made at home or purchased from a store, cannagars deliver a powerfully relaxing smoking experience unparalleled with any other cannabis product.

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