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Where to find the best 420 vacations in 2023

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Where to find the best 420 vacations in 2023

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Imagine traveling in a blissed-out haze of smoke? Or having edibles served for breakfast at your hotel? That’s the promise of a weed vacation, a growing segment of tourism dedicated to supporting cannabis-friendly accommodation, tours, and experiences.

What exactly is a 420 vacation? Depending on the local regulations, it can look quite different from one region to the next. But at the very least, a 420 trip should create a safe space to enjoy your medicine and offer information on local dispensaries, tours, and activities. 

But that’s just the start. Many destinations are taking this type of tourism to entirely new levels. From California to Jamaica, you’ll find all-inclusive cannabis resorts offering open weed bars, infused meals, and free vaporizers along with every booking.

What are the most 420-friendly places in the US?

Where is 420 friendly? With more than 18 states and counting supporting adult-use recreational cannabis, the market for this type of travel is rapidly expanding. 

At the time of writing, the states with the biggest 420 hotel footprint are still California and Colorado, two of the states with the longest history of legalization.

Before booking anywhere, double-check the state and municipal regulations on the accommodation, transportation, and tour rules. Unfortunately, not every hotel offering 420 rooms is in a legal state.

  • Popular destinations: California, British Columbia, and Florida
  • All inclusive: n/a
  • Price range: $150 and up
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  • Popular destinations: Hawaii, Vermont
  • All inclusive: n/a
  • Price range: $75 and up
  • Popular destinations: Colorado
  • All inclusive: 2 nights, 3 days, 420 Everything
  • Price range: $129 and up
  • Popular destinations: California, Colorado
  • All inclusive: Coral Cove Wellness Resort & Spa
  • Price range: $69 and up
  • Popular destinations: Jamaica
  • All inclusive: Various local offerings, typically week-long vacation deals
  • Price range: $600/ week and up


Popular destinations: California, British Columbia, and Florida
Special packages: 420 events and experiences like yoga, meditation, improv
All inclusive: n/a
Price range: $150 and up

This is one of the most extensive cannabis-friendly databases of vacation rentals, spanning North America and parts of the Caribbean. You’ll find the highest concentrations of 420 rentals in Ontario, Canada, as well as California and Florida in the US.

HiBnb was designed to replicate the AirBnB format, as it’s simple to search for accommodation by map or listings for your region of choice. You can also find cannabis-focused experiences, such as yoga, meditation, massage, and more.

Listings range in price but typically start around $150 US and go up from there, depending on amenities. You can expect a focus on beautiful, high-end spaces explicitly designed with the toker in mind.

Bud and Breakfast

Popular destinations: Hawaii, Vermont
Special packages: rentals may include meals or free cannabis with your stay
All inclusive: n/a
Price range: $75 and up

Another take on the AirBnb format but with a pinch of weed is Bud and Breakfast. This website focuses almost exclusively on American destinations, with hot spots along the Eastern seaboard.

Prices start at $75 for a room in a cannabis-friendly space but can hit up to $1400 a night for the higher-end experiences. High end how? Check out a Cape Cod-style home in Washington, DC, including a 420 personal chef, Infused meals, bud, open bar, and more. 

My 420 Tours

Popular destinations: Colorado
Special packages: experiences, tours, transportation and accommodation options
All inclusive: 2 nights, 3 days, 420 Everything, in Denver, Colorado, starting at $1295
Price range: $129 and up

My 420 Tours is curating canna-friendly experiences explicitly in Colorado. Encompassing cannabis-loving hotels, 420 transportation options, as well as a universe of tours and experiences, this is the perfect portal for appreciating Colorado’s cannabis scene.

By booking through My 420 Tours, you’ll be guaranteed a space to light up on your next trip. But what’s more, every booking also includes a complimentary Silver Surfer vaporizer and discounts at local dispensaries.


Popular destinations: California, Colorado
Special packages: Weed resorts, cannabis camping, and guided tours.
All inclusive: Coral Cove Wellness Resort & Spa
Price range: $69 and Up 

InnDica is a small but growing community of 420 places to stay, expanding in legal markets like California, Colorado, and Oregon. Unlike other portals, InnDica is a listing site only, meaning all the bookings and communications go through each hotel or resort’s website. 

InnDica connects you with some of the world’s most interesting places to enjoy this magical plant, from 420 campsites in secluded forests to Coral Cove Wellness Center in Jamaica, the most exclusive space to smoke up.


Popular destinations: Jamaica
Special packages: 420 vacation deals offer meals, ganja, and more.
All inclusive: Various local offerings, typically week-long vacation deals, including 2 meals a day and airport transportation. 
Price range: $600 a week and up

Ganja Vacations moves off the mainland to highlight an extensive listing of Jamaica-based cannabis resorts. If you are looking for 420 vacations and all-inclusive options, this is where you’ll find them. Expect everything from bohemian backpacker destinations with hammocks to VIP cliff-top mansions overlooking crystal clear waters. 

What Ganja Vacations promises is an authentic Jamaican cannabis experience, with many of the listings deeply entrenched with Rastafarian culture, foods, and lifestyle. 

This database is an excellent resource for international travelers seeking safe spaces to enjoy their medicine. It’s suitable for those on a budget, as well as those seeking to splurge.

So, where should you go on your next 420 vacation?

The best weed vacations start right in the USA. Check out the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Nevada to Northern California, for accommodations and experiences catering to the cannabis lifestyle. Colorado is another state with big stoner vibes, supporting all things green.

What if you want to leave your home country? If you seek a safe space to imbibe in the green on an international trip, stick with Jamaica. It’s arguably the only country in the world with cannabis baked into the local culture.

Ask yourself as you explore the growing number of 420 listings, “Where do the stoners live?” Chances are, you’ll have a good time on your 420 trips if you follow the stoners.

Weed vacations: the future of cannabis tourism in the US

Cannabis tourism in the US will genuinely take off only once federal legislation goes through. The country is at a tipping point, and, likely, changes to the Controlled Substances Act are not that far off. 

At the start of 2022, several bills were heading through government houses, with bipartisan support and widespread societal support for the legalization of weed.
Once the federal government makes it easier to operate a weed-focused business like a hotel or resort, the US will see a boom in cannabis vacation

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