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The 9 best medical cannabis podcasts

The 9 best medical cannabis podcasts

Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn new things — or just pass the time — during a commute to work, a jog around the park, while cooking dinner, or just relaxing on the couch.

When it comes to podcasts about cannabis, there are so many options out there that it can be exhausting trying to sort through. 

There’s a wealth of podcasts focused on cannabis businesses, cannabis policy, and cannabis growing practices — but if you are looking to learn specifically about medical cannabis, it can be a struggle to find high-quality content. 

Luckily, we’ve compiled nine of our favorite medical cannabis podcasts, in no particular order. Each of them approaches the topic from a slightly different angle. Enjoy!

Cannabis Health Radio

Cannabis Health Radio

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Cannabis Health Radio has been consistently putting out interesting episodes for more than three years that feature powerful stories from medical cannabis patients, plus helpful interviews from medical professionals. With over 160 episodes and counting, there’s something new to learn for everyone.  

Check out how cannabis oil helped one woman get off 13 different medications and put her Crohn’s disease in remission. 

The Cannabis Enigma 

The Cannabis Enigma Podcast

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The Cannigma is proud to present The Cannabis Enigma, a podcast packed with accessible, reliable information about everything to do with medical cannabis, the conditions it can treat, and ways to ease symptoms and speed up recovery.  Every two weeks, The Cannigma team interviews doctors, scientists, patients, families, and experts about the most promising and fascinating aspects of medical cannabis — in language everyone can understand.

In a recent episode, neurologist Dr. Roni Sharon shares his experience using medical marijuana to treat patients who suffer from severe migraines. 

The Medical POTcast

The Medical POTcast

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This podcast is run by Dr. Craig Houser, an integrative medicine doctor who also has experience as a clinical director at a cannabis dispensary. This is the perfect podcast for anyone who uses cannabis for medical purposes, or is interested in learning more about it. Listeners will learn all the pros and cons of medical cannabis not only from Dr. Houser, but also from his many guest experts. 

One particularly useful episode is the one on medical cannabis in the workplace. Learn from guest Amanda Haddaway, an award-winning HR consultant and corporate trainer, to learn about what your rights are as an employed medical cannabis patient. 

The Medical Pot Guide

The Medical Pot Guide

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The Medical Pot Guide is a nice mix of in-depth conversations with doctors, scientists, and experts in the medical cannabis field, along with regular people sharing their own stories about how the herb has positively impacted their lives. There doesn’t seem to be a set schedule for when the episodes come out, as they seem to be released quite sporadically, but there’s already more than 50 existing episodes to enjoy right now to keep you satisfied.

Their latest episode features Dr. Rachna Patel discussing everything you need to know about CBD oil — including what it is, how it works, how to get it, who should use it, and who shouldn’t.

Brave New Weed Podcast

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The Brave New Weed podcast’s goal is to normalize cannabis use in the post-prohibition era. Not every single episode is solely about medical cannabis, but there’s a wealth of fascinating conversations to be found on all kinds of cannabis topics, medical and otherwise. 

Be sure to give a listen to episode 61, titled “The Future of a Medicine that Refuses to Behave Like a Medicine.” Authors of a new book called The Medicalization of Marijuana have a captivating conversation on how healthcare providers are struggling to fit the elusive herb into the conventional Western medical system.  

High Friends

High Friends Podcast

Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud

High Friends is a female-focused podcast all about the influential women making waves in the traditionally male-dominated industry. In each episode, hosts Rachel Colic and Gill Polard talk to women that are politicians, business leaders, medical professionals, activists, caregivers, or patients themselves. 

The show hasn’t put out an episode for a while, but in this one, Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed — a medical doctor and specialist in anesthesiology, interventional chronic pain medicine, and cannabinoid medicine — delves into the complexity of chronic pain and cannabis. 

What Are You Smoking?

What Are You Smoking Podcast

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This podcast, produced by Leafly, has experts provide product reviews, strain suggestions, and advice for cannabis consumers — both medical and recreational. (Note: There haven’t been any new episodes since August, 2019.)

Check out the episode with Dr. Ethan Russo, a ground-breaking cannabis researcher and neurologist. Dr. Russo enlightens listeners about the pesticides that may be lurking in your cannabis and what to look for when choosing cannabis in dispensaries.

Cannabis Media Collective

Cannabis Media Collective Podcast

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Cannabis Media Collective is a project based in Canada that actually hand picks the best cannabis podcasts from around the web. They call themselves a “one stop shop” podcast subscription solution. This is perfect if you are looking to hear a wide range of perspectives and information related to cannabis in one place. It can also turn you on to all kinds of new cannabis podcasts that you may would have otherwise never discovered before.

One of the most recent episodes is from a podcast called Periodic Effects, which is about the many different compounds found in cannabis and how they are useful for different effects and ailments. 

Marijuana Today

Marijuana Today Podcast

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play

Running since 2014, Marijuana Today is one of the best known cannabis podcasts out there. While a lot of the episodes focus on the business and politics side of cannabis, there’s some gems in there on medical cannabis in particular. This podcast is especially useful for keeping up to date with medical cannabis regulations and laws. 

Start with this hour-long episode that delves into the very long and fascinating history of medical marijuana.

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