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Comprised of cannabis experts, professional journalists, and medical professionals, The Cannigma editorial team is dedicated to communicating the newest, most relevant, factual, research-based information about medical cannabis in a way that is accessible to all.

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  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Luxembourg

    Medical: legal Recreational: decriminalized, legalization introduced Luxembourg is in the midst of creating a legal recreational cannabis program. Plans were first...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Medical: illegalRecreational: illegal Cannabis is illegal for medical and recreational use in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent years lawmakers and...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Belarus

    Medical: illegalRecreational: illegal Cannabis is not legal in Belarus. The country has some of the harshest drug laws on the...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis regulations in Slovenia

    Medical: legal, but limitedRecreational: decriminalized Recreational cannabis is illegal in Slovenia but possessing small amounts of cannabis for personal use...

  • News

    Cannabis laws in San Marino

    Medical: legal, limited Recreational: illegal A limited form of medical marijuana has been legal in San Marino since 2016. Recreational cannabis...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Andorra

    Medical: IllegalRecreational: Illegal Cannabis is not legal for recreational or medicinal purposes in Andorra. However, it does border both France...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Malta

    Medical: legalRecreational: legal, limited   Malta has some of the most progressive cannabis laws in Europe as the first country in...

  • Ask the Expert

    How does smoking cannabis compare to cigarettes?

    Getting the right answers in your cannabis journey can be tricky. But with The Cannigma’s Ask the Expert, you can...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Monaco

    Medical: illegalRecreational: illegal  Both medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in Monaco. While the plant is illegal, penalties for consumption...

  • Regulation

    Cannabis laws in Belgium

    Medical: legal (only Sativex available)Recreational: illegal, decriminalized  While recreational cannabis is not legal in Belgium, possession of up to three...