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Sarah Pritzker is a freelance writer living in Israel. She is a health and wellness fanatic who loves researching and writing about med-tech.

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    Is weed legal in Aruba?

    Medical: IlegalRecreational: Ilegal Aruba is a Dutch-owned Caribbean island loved by tourists for its beautiful beaches and year-round pleasant weather....

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Portugal?

    Medical: LegalRecreational: Decriminalized In 2001, in one of the most progressive social moves surrounding drug usage, Portugal decriminalized all drugs,...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in South Korea?

    Medical: LegalRecreational: Ilegal While cannabis has played a critical function in the lives of South Koreans throughout the country’s history,...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Denmark?

    Medical: LegalRecreational:  largely decriminalized According to Denmark’s Euphoriants Substances Act it is illegal to import, export, sell, purchase, deliver, receive,...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Thailand?

    Medical: LegalRecreational: Decriminalized, limited The use of recreational cannabis in Thailand is illegal but cultivating and possession are legal. Medical...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Costa Rica?

    Medical: IlegalRecreational: decriminalized Costa Rica has fairly lax policies on cannabis usage compared to countries in Asia and the Middle...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in Iceland?

    With only four hours of daylight during the winter and an average winter temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, one might...

  • Regulation

    Is weed legal in The Bahamas?

    Medical: IlegalRecreational: Ilegal Despite The Bahamas' perfect holiday atmosphere, the country is not the perfect holiday destination for those looking...