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Pax 3 Vaporizer review

Pax 3 Vaporizer review

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  • Specs card
    • Price: $200 
    • Material: aluminum 
    • Who it’s good for: flower lovers, concentrate enthusiasts, people looking for a smoking alternative
    • Main pro: powerful and versatile 
    • Main con: button in the mouthpiece  

The PAX 3 is a small but powerful device that puts form and function at the forefront. It’s perfect for flower or concentrates, delivering a smooth vaping experience in a sleek design. 

If you liked the PAX 2, you’ll love the PAX 3. And if you’ve been skeptical about vaping devices but want to take the plunge, this is the place to start. 

Main features of the PAX 3

The PAX 3 is the only product in the PAX lineup capable of handling both flower and concentrates, making it perfect for the plant lover who’s looking for a less conspicuous consumption option. It’s also a great choice for anyone who is trying to smoke less and give their lungs a break. 

The main appeal of the PAX is its power-to-size ratio. The design is modern and sleek, with nothing screaming “cannabis over here.” The design makes the device durable, since there’s nothing to break off or shatter if it’s dropped. All of the functions are controlled by a single button, stored in the mouthpiece. 

The flower and concentrates are placed in small cartridges and inserted in the bottom, where the oven is. The PAX comes with three filling options: concentrates insert and two lids for flower. One is a half-pack size, for the days when you don’t need an entire bowl, but still want something to sip on.

And sipping is key here. The PAX’s powerful oven is capable of delivering throat-punching hits, so take it easy when you’re taking a pull. If you’re using the lower temperature options, you’ll notice a wider flavor profile in every hit, thanks to the presence of more terpenes than a usual joint. 

Is the price worth it?

At $200, the PAX 3 isn’t the cheapest handheld vape on the market – but what you pay for is long-lasting quality. Cheap vapes break quickly and don’t deliver a smooth vapor experience. Once you find a device that works for both concentrates and flower, the price tag increase. And given the PAX’s range of temperatures, you’ll be able to get a delicious array of terpenes and other aromatics. When you factor in PAX’s reputation as a vape maker and the 10-year warranty that comes with this piece, it’s a worthy investment in your future smoking sessions and a great value. 

Pros and cons of the PAX 3

The PAX 3 is designed to impress – and it does. The only downside to the vape isn’t truly a downside, just something to be conscious of. 

Vape flower and concentratesButton is in the mouthpiece, so make sure your hands are clean
Using vapor over smoke
0.5 gram oven capacity
Four temperature options
Low-temperature options preserve terpene flavors
Heats in 22 seconds
Two size lids for full and half pack flower
One battery charge lasts 2.5 hours
Comes with 10-year warranty

Competitor comparison 

There are plenty of competitors in the portable vaporizer market, so how does the PAX 3 stack up against the competition? 

Pax 3Airvape Legacy ProStorz & Bickel Mighty
Price $200$260$349
Concentrates YesYesYes
Heat time 22 seconds 15 seconds90 seconds 
Battery life 2.5 hours1 hour 1 hour

Unboxing video

How to use/care for the PAX 3

Need help figuring out how to work or clean your PAX? The sleek design means the compartments are hidden, so getting the hang of your new device can take a minute. Luckily the brand has a variety of videos to show you everything from how to pack the oven to keeping your device sparkling clean.

Pair the PAX 3 with…

Your favorite cannabis flower or concentrate! 

The Pax 3 works with waxy and solid concentrates, so grab your favorite budder, badder, shatter, resin, or dab and give it a try. The PAX 3 offers four temperature options and the lower heat levels display a beautiful bouquet of terpenes in any concentrate, delivering an unmatched flavor experience. 

For flower, ensure it’s finely ground before packing the oven. To get finely ground flower, turn your grinder upside down while you grind to keep the flower in the top instead of passing through. 

What are people saying about the PAX 3

Your product after years is still as good as the day I bought it. It even survived in frozen temperatures in snow.

Jim A

I love my Pax 3, I’m 64 & been smoking cannabis since 12 and found out I have C.O.P.D and doctor told me I had to stop smoking my cannabis & I told him that was not going to happen, Well it got to where I could not smoke any more without choking so I had to stop I tried vapes with oil but they made me choke bad too. So my son told me about Pax 3 & I bought one and because of the Pax 3 I can enjoy my cannabis again! Thank you Pax❤

John K

Bottom line on the Pax 3

For lovers of the plant and all of its terpene goodness, the PAX 3 is a powerful but discreet option to consume anytime, anywhere with flavor you just can’t get out of a joint.

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