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Jessica Reilly-Chevalier

Jessica Reilly is a writer and cannabis aficionado. Her background in marketing combined with a passion for research makes her uniquely skilled at breaking down complex, scientific topics into easily understandable articles that makes cannabis accessible for everyone.

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  • Physiology

    The nose knows: how to identify common scents from terpenes

    If you’re new to cannabis, you may think that all weed smells the same. But once you’ve spent some time...

  • Products

    The best weed delivery services in California 2024

    One of the biggest perks of legal cannabis is weed delivery.  Sure, in the days of prohibition there was the...

  • How to

    Should you use warm water in your bong?

    You may have heard of adding ice cubes to your bong to create a chill hit, but have you tried...

  • Physiology

    Is CBD safe to use during pregnancy and nursing?

    Cannabis use and pregnancy is a tough topic. The unknown effects of cannabis on developing babies are concerning enough to...

  • Products

    The best vegan CBD gummies of 2024

    Edibles are one of the easiest, most discreet ways to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. As the cannabis market...

  • Strains

    Best strains and terpenes for nausea

    Cannabis has been used to help combat vomiting in medical spaces since the 1980s, but plant lovers have known about...

  • Products

    Maze-X Pipe Review: Can a dry herb pipe deliver smoother, cleaner hits? 

    Specs card Price: $99.00 Size: 5.5” long Material: silicone body, aluminum cover, glass bowl  Who it’s good for: flower smokers...

  • Products

    Evri by Dip Devices: Is this 3-in-1 vape device worth it?

    Price: $59.99Size: 5.25 inches long Material: metal, plastic, ceramic tip Who it’s good for: concentrate lovers and beginners alike Main pro: consume concentrates...

  • News

    Trap gummies: the problem with black market cannabis edibles

    Trap gummies is a generic term for any edibles (not just gummies) made outside of legal cannabis manufacturing processes. Typically,...

  • Products

    This Israeli machine is the Nespresso of weed

    The cannabis market is filled with infused products. And little wonder why; the Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey found that...