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Elana Frankel

Elana Frankel has been working in the cannabis industry for the past seven years. She started e-commerce business Indigo and Haze, has developed products, founded the magazine 'Women and Weed,' and authored a book by the same title. She serves as Chief Growth Officer and advisor for, produces documentaries, writes freelance for various publications, and volunteers for the Oregon Cannabis Commission. Elana has been an editor at Martha Stewart Living and served as VP of Creative at One Kings Lane for more than five years.

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    Can you eat raw weed?

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    Veterans need clarity, better access to medic...

    Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that THC and CBD are helpful in treating chronic pain...

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    Can cannabis help traumatic brain injury? 5 m...

    Cannabis research has taken flight in recent years as regulatory and medical attitudes have begun...

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