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    The Portugal Medical Cannabis Conference: What to expect

    Leaders of medical cannabis research from around the world will gather in Portugal next week at the Portugal Medical Cannabis...

  • Treatment

    The beginner’s guide to medical cannabis

    Medical cannabis is a complex topic; never before has so much enthusiastic research been done on a topic once considered...

  • Plant

    What is THCV and why is everyone talking about it?

    THCV is just one of over 500 chemical compounds found in cannabis, but its unique effects and serious medicinal potential...

  • Strains

    Best strains and terpenes for anxiety

    Anxiety is one of the major reasons why people consume cannabis. Even before this was an area of scientific interest,...

  • News

    The top 7 things to know when cooking with cannabis

    Food and cannabis combine so many of the greatest experiences that life can offer - spending time with loved ones,...

  • CBD

    Why organic is so important when it comes to CBD

    A simple glance at the CBD products in your local health store or supermarket makes one thing certain - companies...

  • Plant

    Can you eat raw weed?

    It’s very simple. “Raw weed won’t get you high because it has not been decarboxylated,” says Dr. Junella Chin, an...

  • Delivery

    What to add to your spliff instead of tobacco

    A spliff of perfectly cured cannabis flower mixed with some tobacco can feel great, but comes at the cost of...