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Jan 27, 2021 9 min read

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The best dab rigs under $100

by Ben Hartman

Chances are you first got to know cannabis from the business end of a joint. Or maybe it was a corner piece of a pan of pot brownies, or a vape pen that was set to just the right temperature not to hurt your newbie lungs. There are all types of ways to consume cannabis these days, and while most people don’t start their weed journey by dabbing concentrates, it’s a method that provides some of the most potent, purest hits of cannabis that you could imagine. 

And once you get started, you may find yourself looking to get your own cheap dab rig without breaking the bank. 


We’ve got you covered. 

The best glass dab rigs under $100:

Great Value


Shark Rig

  • Eye catching, unique Jaws-inspired glass work
  • Solidly built
  • Easy to clean


Coco Mug Rig

  • Built-in handle
  • 40+ hole honeycomb percolator for maximum airflow
  • Built-in “candy cane straw” provides strong inhales

Smoke Cartel

Renegade 9 Wax Rig

  • Reclaimer to keep rig clean
  • Perfect for concentrates or flower
  • Showerhead perc


Snow Globe Bong

  • Seriously cool snowman glass sculpture in body of rig
  • Showerhead perc provides top-notch water and smoke diffusion
  • 14mm bowl included


Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

  • Multi-hole percolator and recycler for big, smooth hits
  • Compact
  • Keeps vapor or smoke very cool


MJ Arsenal Soulcycler Mini Rig

  • Functional heart recycler
  • Splash guard
  • Sturdy build


MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

  • Fab-egg percolation
  • Double uptake recycler
  • Cools down in seconds

Smoke Cartel

EYCE Sidecar Silicone Rig

  • Virtually indestructible silicone build
  • Adjustable neck
  • Built-in concentrate container

Smoke Cartel

Eyce II Silicone Dab Rig

  • Titanium nail, poker tool, and stem cap included
  • Enhanced stability
  • Lifetime warranty

Smoke Cartel

Silicone and Glass Dab Rig Bubbler with Disc Perc

  • Easy to take apart for cleaning
  • Disc style percolator
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Hemper Shark Rig

Hemper Shark Rig

Best for: Having a dab rig that is also a guaranteed conversation starter

Coolest feature: The way the bubbles combine with the shark sculpture when you inhale

“You’re gonna need a bigger couch” 

There’s nothing to fear about wrapping your jaws around the Hemper Shark Rig, though you may find it’s more of a conversation starter than you expected. The rig is 7 inches tall and features an eye-catching homage to the Jaws poster across the blue glass body, including a glass great white shark attacking from the bubbles below. 

But beyond the one-of-a-kind appearance, the rig is solidly built and users say it is easy to use and a cinch to clean. The rig also comes with a 14mm bowl for smoking flower. 

Hemper Coco Mug Rig

Hemper Coco Mug Rig

Best for: When you want a sturdy, perfectly-sized dab rig next to your hot cocoa on a snowy winter day

Coolest feature: The cocoa mug design is eye-catching but also functional, making the rig very easy to carry around 


Any day can be a cozy winter morning when you curl up with the Hemper Coco Mug Rig, which is brilliantly designed to look like, well, a mug of hot cocoa. 

The design is actually quite functional, as the thick handle of the “mug” makes it easy to carry and the mug shape provides some sturdiness to the short 6-inch frame. The rig also includes a 40+ hole disc percolator in the water basin that, along with the thick “candy cane straw” mouthpiece, helps provide really phenomenal airflow.

Renegade 9 Wax Rig

“Renegade” “9” Wax Rig
“Renegade” “9” Wax Rig

Best for: Having an all purpose, sturdy glass rig that can work great for concentrate or flower 

Coolest feature: It comes with a reclaimer that keeps things from gunking up too much 

The Renegade is a sturdy, no-nonsense glass rig that works great for both concentrate and flower, and at 9 inches tall, is the perfect height for those who aren’t looking for a mini rig or one that’s overly tall. 

This fully high-grade borosilicate glass rig comes with a quartz banger, as well as a reclaimer that should help keep the inside of the rig clean — and also catch some oil that you can use later on. 

Mainly though, this is a sturdy, dependable glass rig that fits great in the hand and is sure to be one of the more reliable pieces in your collection. 

Hemper Snow Globe Bong

Hemper Snow Globe Bong

Best for: Getting heavy hits off a compact, sturdily-built rig


Coolest feature: The combination of great glasswork and functionality

Do you wanna smoke a snowman? The Hemper Snow Globe Bong is perfect for dabbing or smoking out the little snowman inside with thick bong rips of herb. 

It comes with a 14mm female joint and a 14mm bowl, as well as a showerhead perc that helps it provide maximum water and smoke diffusion. 

But it doesn’t just hit great. This pint-sized bong/dab rig is solidly built and features a perfectly sculpted glass snowman inside the body. Or in other words, it’ll put a smile on your face well before the THC kicks in. 

Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit
Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

Best for: Those who are looking for a very effective, pint-size rig 

Coolest feature: Comes with a banger, carb cap, and dab tool 

Good things come in small packages — and that’s not only true for cannabis concentrates. This Goody Glass series of four miniature rigs is known for producing potent, satisfying hits thanks to the multi hole percolation and a recycler. 

While the rig may be smaller than what some people are used to (or comfortable with), user reviews are full of testimonials about not judging a book by its cover — and not underestimating these mini rigs. 


They are also known to be easy to keep clean, and come with a quartz banger, bubble carb cap, and mini dab tool included. 

MJ Arsenal Soulcycler Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal Soulcycler Mini Rig
MJ Arsenal Soulcycler Mini Rig

Best for: A Valentine’s Day present for the stoner you love 

Coolest feature: The heart recycler — its extremely cool and actually works

Be still my beating heart — or just fill it with vapor. 

The MJ Arsenal Soulcycler mini rig is a delightfully crafty bit of glasswork that includes an actual functional heart-shaped recycler that keeps the vapor cool and provides some of the heartiest rips yet (that pun was courtesy of the company, we are not responsible). 

The rig is sturdily built, gives smooth, cool pulls, and comes with a quartz banger. It also has a splash guard to keep things clean. 

But back to the (more-or-less) anatomically correct sculpted glass heart. This rig is simply the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the partner who shares your love of dabbing.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig
MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

Best for: Those looking for high performance rig in a small package 

Coolest feature: Fab-egg + Swiss percolator design

The MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig comes with more twists and turns than a spaghetti intersection, but don’t let that intimidate you — this is a rig that you will love having around the house. 

Prized for its “Fab-egg” (from Faberge egg) design, this fits in the palm of your hand right has a chamber for percolation and one for recycling, helping keep the vapor moving, and as cool, smooth, and tasty as can be. Coupled with the Swiss percolator and double uptake recycler, it provides some of the most reliable hits of any dab rig. 

It also has a built-in reclaim chamber that catches bits of concentrate that didn’t get vaporized, so they don’t go to waste. 

EYCE Sidecar Silicone Rig

EYCE Sidecar Silicone Rig
EYCE Sidecar Silicone Rig 

Best for: When you want a durable rig to take on the road 

Coolest feature: Built-in stash jar 

Have rig, will travel. And if you do, then you better make sure you have a rig like the EYCE sidecar silicone rig. 

Built of highly durable silicone, this is no fragile rig you’ll want to keep sheltered on a bookshelf. It is highly heat resistant, and comes with an adjustable neck to make things a bit customizable. 

It also comes with a built-in concentrate container and four tool slots in the base, which makes it the perfect to-go rig. 

And it also hits hard and is quite easy to keep clean (without worrying that it’s going to shatter). 

Eyce II Silicone Dab Rig

Eyce II Silicone Dab Rig
Eyce II Silicone Dab Rig

Best for: Go-to durable, easy to clean dab rig that fits in your hand and has a lifetime warranty

Coolest feature: The durability and warranty = peace of mind dabbing 

The EYCE Rig II silicone is a highly practical and very durable dab rig made of silicone that comes with a built-in concentrate container, poker tool, stem cap, titanium nail, and glass collar. They don’t stop there though — the rig has reinforced walls and bump protection, as well as a lifetime warranty if it somehow breaks. 

The silicone body comes in a wide variety of eye catching color schemes and can also be easily taken apart for cleaning. 

There’s also a “just right” feeling when holding the rig, which fits perfectly in your hand and has little spots to hold your stash and poker. It’s the type of rig where you can tell how much thought went into the practicality of the design. 

Silicone and Glass Dab Rig Bubbler with Disc Perc

Silicone and Glass Dab Rig Bubbler with Disc Perc
Silicone and Glass Dab Rig Bubbler with Disc Perc

Best for: Having a small, discrete rig that combines silicone and glass 

Coolest feature: Hybrid style gives best of both worlds (silicone and glass) 

The Silicone and Glass Rig Bubbler is a pint-sized silicone and glass rig that combines the durability and practicality of silicone with the flavor, smoothness, and “hey watch the bubbles” of glass. 

It stands only five inches tall and has a disc style percolator to cool down the vapor even more. The rig also comes apart for easy cleaning.

It also has a lanyard loop in the event you want to wear it around your neck. Wherever you take (or wear) the rig though, it does come with a satisfaction guarantee.  

Are dab rigs illegal?

It’s an understandable question: if I can get a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia, then how can companies legally sell that paraphernalia to begin with?

As anyone who has been admonished by the cashier at a head shop for calling a bong “a bong” (“it’s a water pipe!”) can tell you, technically, head shops are selling water pipes and other novelty items. This is why they put stickers on bongs that say “for tobacco use only,” even when the bong has a giant green cannabis leaf sculpted onto its chamber. 

Such items only become drug paraphernalia after they are used for consuming illegal drugs (unless of course you live in an area where cannabis paraphernalia is legal).

What pieces do you need for a dab rig?

A big part of getting into the world of dabbing is learning the terminology. Your basic tools for dabbing are a dab rig, dab nail, carb cap, and a blowtorch. 

But what actually makes up a dab rig? Dab rigs are typically made of glass or silicone (or a mix of both) and often very closely resemble traditional bongs. The rig is basically a platform for holding the dab nail, which is like the bowl on a bong.

What is a dab nail?

Dab nails look more or less like the bowl on a bong and it is the spot that you heat up with a blow torch, and where you place your concentrate so it can turn into vapor. They are made of a variety of materials including quartz, titanium, glass, and ceramics, among others. 

What is a banger? 

The banger is a very popular form of dab nail, and likely the one you think of when you picture a dab rig. Bangers are flat-bottomed and curve away from your face at the end. 

What is a carb cap?

A carb cab is a small tool you place over the nail/banger after you’ve heated the concentrate in order to keep the vapor from escaping before you can hit it. 

What is the best portable dab rig?

“Best” is a very subjective concept, but when it comes to portable dab rigs, you should look for a number of attributes. 

Silicone dab rigs are more durable and much less likely to break after a fall, so taking them on the road is a bit more worry free. 

Dab rigs that have a sturdy build with thick glass and not too many thin or winding stems and chambers are also a bit easier to transport without worrying about breaking them. 

Many dab rigs also include chambers for holding concentrate and dabbing tools, which can make them perfectly suited for when you need to box up your gear and head out. 

Are small dab rigs better?

Small dab rigs are often described as providing a tastier, more full-bodied vapor hit, as the vapor moves through less water and air on its way to the user. 

Also, as anyone who has hit a three-foot bong can tell you, having a bigger chamber can mean that the smoke (or vapor) can’t be cleared in one inhale, and instead gets stale and a bit harsh before it’s cleared. 

Small dab rigs can also be much more convenient for travel and are also more discrete in the event you tend to keep your rig out in the open in your living room.

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