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The 5 best doob tubes of 2024

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The 5 best doob tubes of 2024

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A doob tube is the perfect joint holder and a quintessential piece of stoner culture. It’s long been a part of a well-stocked stash kit and is still a valuable piece of equipment for anyone who appreciates pre-rolls.  

But what is a doob tube used for? Why is it still so important, even with the rise of dispensaries and cannabis stores? Tokers still need a safe, smell-proof, and water-resistant way to carry carefully rolled joints and blunts around — and the doob tube remains the perfect tool for the job.

What are doob tubes?

Also known as joint holders, doob tubes are small, portable containers designed to transport pre-rolled joints and blunts. Sealed, secure doob tubes protect pre-rolls from damage even if shoved into a purse, pocket, or stash box. What are doob tubes except tiny suitcases for joints?

The most common types are single-joint tubes made from colorful plastic with lids that pop on and off. Although, there are also wooden, glass, and metal varieties. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit tiny joints or big fat blunts. 

Why are doob tubes important?

A doob tube is an invaluable means of safely transporting your precious cargo from point A to point B. The hard casing and secure seal ensure that your pre-rolls are in perfect condition no matter where you are traveling. A doob tube carefully keeps everything intact, including any pervasive aroma.

Another reason to always have a tube at the ready is for your roaches. Even if a roach isn’t as damaging to the environment as a cigarette butt, it’s still littering and unsightly. But, with a doob tube, you can tuck the roach inside to dispose of it later. 

Where does the name doob tube come from?

The term ‘doob’ in doob tube likely originates from doobie, a slang word for a joint. It’s so widely used that it’s even been properly defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “slang : a marijuana cigarette : JOINT.” The dictionary suggests the first recorded use of doobie was from 1967.

But what does doobie mean? The exact etymology is unclear, although many hypothesize it may be in reference to the English word dubious, meaning “questionable or suspect as to true nature or quality.” 

Considering marijuana’s previous life as an illicit drug, it’s not surprising that society often thought it was a rather dubious habit.

What makes a good doob tube?

A great doob tube excels at three tasks. First, it keeps the inside free of moisture and excess humidity. Second, it also locks in any smell, whether from intense terpenes or an old roach. Finally, and most importantly, a doob tube keeps blunts from damage or destruction during transport.

To achieve these goals, tubes must have an air-tight seal and be made from rigid materials. The most affordable options are always plastic, but glass, wood, and metal are better for long-term storage. 

A final factor is the transparency. Many doob tubes are clear, so you can easily see the contents. But, if you plan on keeping that kief-coated king-size blunt tucked away for a special occasion, you’ll want to use an opaque tube to help preserve quality. 

The 5 best doob tubes

  • Price: $10.00
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Size: Small (3.5" x .5" diameter), Large (5" x .75" diameter)
  • Price: $29.99
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 5.9”
  • Price: $24.00
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 1 Gram
  • Price: $25.00
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 6.75” x 1”
  • Price: $14.99
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Size: 5 King Size Cones

StashLogix Bamboo StashTube

Price: $10.00
Material: Bamboo
Size: Small (3.5″ x .5″ diameter), Large (5″ x .75″ diameter)

StashLogix has designed an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional plastic joint holder. This isn’t a throw-away option. This Stashtube is an all-natural bamboo doob tube with a beautifully simple aesthetic. Yet, it still does everything it’s supposed to: keeps moisture out and the smell in.

It has a secure slide-on lid and subtle burned-wood details down the side. The StashLogix Bamboo StashTube comes in two sizes, 3.5″ or 5″ tall, to suit your preference on joint size.

Weedgets Metal Doob Tube With Filter

Price: $29.99
Material: Aluminum 
Size: 5.9”  

This aesthetically-pleasing doob tube is a two-in-one, with a built-in joint filter that prevents resin and tar from smoke getting into your lungs. The silicone cooling filter that comes in the Weedgets tube is washable and fits most joint sizes. 

The aluminum tube is both airtight and watertight, so even if you’re halfway through a joint you can rest assured that the whole office isn’t going to know about it when you open your bag. It’s also the perfect choice for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, fishing and even diving – your joint will stay safe and dry until you’re ready for your next hit.  

To make your joint even safer, you can order extra charcoal filters from Weedgets to use with the included filter tip. 

VAZE Pre-Roll Joint Cases, The Grand

Price: $24.00
Material: Aluminum
Size: 1 Gram

This doob tube will stand the test of time and so will its contents. Thanks to the milled aluminum exterior, perfect air-tight seal, and opaque material, any joints stored in here will survive long-term storage. 

It conveniently holds up to a one-gram joint, locks in odor, and is water resistant. The VAZE Pre-Roll joint case comes in a sleek pearled finish in pink or charcoal.

Purple Rose Supply CannaTube

Price: $25.00
Material: Metal
Size: 6.75” x 1”

The CannaTube is custom designed to fit all Purple Rose Supply cannagar sizes. For the everyday joint smoker, it can handle several normal-sized pre-rolls or a single very large blunt. 

It is made from metal and, unlike other doob tubes on the list, comes with a fitting for a Boveda Terpene Shield humidity pack. This keeps the humidity right for terpene preservation. Once you’ve tucked one of these little sachets inside the tube, you are guaranteed a tasty, flavorful smoke.

Zig-Zag JPAQ Collection

Price: $14.99
Material: Hard Plastic
Size: 5 King Size Cones

The Zig-Zag JPAQ Collection is a doob tube for the modern toker. It’s not so much a tube as a slick hard plastic case that can hold up to 5 king-sized cones (up to 1.5 grams each). With a gasket-sealed closure and water-resistant design, it is guaranteed to keep your stash in good working order.

Unlike many other tubes on the list, this is a child-resistant model. Yet, it’s still easy to open for adults. Press the small tabs, open the lid, and you’re in.

Bottom line: doob tubes offer peace of mind

Nobody has ever successfully thrown a joint in their pocket or purse and come away with a good ending. Hand-rolled cannabis cigarettes can’t take any rough handling. This is why a doob tube remains the perfect way to travel with a joint or purchased pre-roll to maintain long-term integrity. 

Whether you prefer a multi-pack joint holder; a sleek, durable aluminum casing; or the simplicity of bamboo, doob tubes offer unlimited variety. Whatever model you choose, they are well worth the investment to help preserve your stash.

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