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  • Recipes

    AVB edibles: top 5 recipes for already vaped bud

    AVB is leftover weed that’s been used in a dry herb vaporizer. AVB is short for already vaped bud, although...

  • Physiology

    What’s the link between cannabis and menstrual health?

    Cannabis and the menstrual cycle have more in common than you might think.  Both have been shunned by polite society,...

  • Delivery

    My dog ate my weed! What to do if your pooch gets high

    Thanks to the ongoing legalization of marijuana, stories of pets eating weed are becoming quite common. Dogs, cats, and other...

  • Plant

    THCA: What are THC crystals and what are their potential benefits?

    The world of cannabis can be overwhelming. With so many chemical compounds, abbreviations, and consumption methods to explore, it’s hard...

  • How to

    How to use a dab pen

    Dab pens cross the inhalation method of dab rigs with the convenience and portability of a vape pen.  These pens...