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Sky Wellness


SkyWellness is a trendy-looking cannabis product emporium, offering signature branded gummies, sleep oils, vapes, and roll-on pain relief. The company’s CBD products are aimed specifically at making their customers feel better “whether that’s one person and her pet, or 100 million people and their animals,” as the website explains. Skywellness products focus on relaxation, relief, and sleep, and often combine other natural and medicinal substances toward that end goal – be it lidocaine, melatonin, eucalyptus, or retinol. The company delivers to its users “affordable, premium THC Free Hemp-derived CBD products ” with prices ranging at the low end from $8.99 for a 5 pack of cherry chew CBD gummies, to $87 for 1500mg of CBD relax drops.




Scottsdale, Arizona, United States



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