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Jessica Reilly is a writer and cannabis aficionado. Her background in marketing combined with a passion for research makes her uniquely skilled at breaking down complex, scientific topics into easily understandable articles that makes cannabis accessible for everyone.

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  • Recipes

    How to make green dragon tincture

    Yield: ~30 mlPrep time: 5 minutes, not including decarboxylation Infusion time: 24 hours to 6 months  Green dragon tincture is a...

  • Products

    The 7 best high-end stash boxes in 2023

    A cannabis stash box is a box…to stash your weed in.  Don’t you love when things are self-explanatory?  Sure, you...

  • Products

    6 best joint roller kits in 2023

    A well-rolled joint is one of the greatest joys in smoking. But perfecting the art of the joint roll is...

  • Recipes

    How to make cannaflour

    Yield: 1 cupPrep time: 10 minutes  Cannaflour is one of the quickest ways to infuse anything you’re making with cannabis....

  • Physiology

    What is greening out? What you need to know about consuming too much cannabis

    Greening out is a slang phrase for consuming too much cannabis, specifically THC. Whether you take a bigger hit of...

  • How to

    Read this before you try hotboxing cannabis

    Whether you’ve participated or not, you’ve likely heard the term “hotboxing” before. The practice of filling a small enclosed area...

  • Products

    5 best reusable and environmentally-friendly glass blunts in 2023

    Glass blunts are a reusable, environmentally friendly alternative to blunt and joint wraps.  These small hollow tubes, also called glass...

  • Recipes

    5 of the best no-bake edibles you can make with cannabutter

    Edibles are a great way to incorporate cannabis into your routine without the mess and odor of smoking. But some...

  • Products

    6 best steamroller pipes in 2023

    Steamrollers combine the power of a bong with the convenience of a pipe, but the design is what sets them...

  • Products

    6 best ash catchers for bongs in 2023

    One of the most satisfying feelings in any cannabis enthusiast’s life is hitting a well-packed bong. The sound of the...