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Jessica Reilly is a writer and cannabis aficionado. Her background in marketing combined with a passion for research makes her uniquely skilled at breaking down complex, scientific topics into easily understandable articles that makes cannabis accessible for everyone.

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    How to clean any grinder – and save the kief!

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    Everything you need to know about gravity bongs (including how to make one)

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    US cannabis industry fundamentally inequitable, new report finds

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    What is bubble hash and can you make it at home?

    Bubble hash, also known as ice water hash, is a specific type of hash concentrate made with ice water. It’s...

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    5 yummy cannabis desserts that everyone can nail

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    8 best glow in the dark bongs in 2023

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    How to make green dragon tincture

    Yield: ~30 mlPrep time: 5 minutes, not including decarboxylation Infusion time: 24 hours to 6 months  Green dragon tincture is a...

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    The 7 best high-end stash boxes in 2023

    A cannabis stash box is a box…to stash your weed in.  Don’t you love when things are self-explanatory?  Sure, you...

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    6 best joint roller kits in 2023

    A well-rolled joint is one of the greatest joys in smoking. But perfecting the art of the joint roll is...