So You Want To Be a Cannabis Mogul?

Everything you need to know to run a successful cannabis business

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  • June 7 2021
  • 10.00 AM PST | 1.00 PM EST | 8.00 PM IST


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June 7, 1 PM EST

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You’ve done your research, you’re ready to build your business plan, and you’ve even eyed up your dream location for an office. But are you really ready to start your own cannabis business?


Setting up any kind of business can be challenging, but starting off in the cannabis industry comes with its own unique set of hurdles, which once overcome can lead to great rewards.


From coming up with a unique idea and deciding on the type of business, to understanding your consumer base and registering for the relevant licenses or permits, it’s important to know what steps you need to take to set up a business successfully.



At the same time, it’s also worth knowing some of the specific hurdles cannabis business owners can face, such as:
– Investment and funding from banks due to federal laws
– Access to reliable credit card payment processing systems
– Recruiting well-trained, reliable employees
– Stigma among medical community and society in general


In this expert panel, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to turn your business dream into a reality, with people who’ve been through it all and can share their wealth of knowledge. Our experts will cover the following topics:
– HR and building winning teams
– Marketing your business to the right people at the right time
– Legal and licensing issues
– Practical advice on running a new business

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