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John A. MacKay earned a B.A. in Chemistry from St. Lawrence University (SLU) and a Ph.D. from the University of Vermont (UVM) with a focus on Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry. After positions teaching at Davidson College, Lyndon State College, and the University of Vermont (UVM), John joined Waters Corporation in 1983. Dr. MacKay founded Synergistic Technologies Associates, LLC, which has helped many major brandsoptimize their extrication processes operations based on Six Sigma principles. With the expertise and desire to spread science throughout the industry, John has taken on roles as a contributing journalist and science editor for Terpenes and Testing Magazine and was the editor of the first issues of Extraction Magazine, and now is contributing journalist and scientific advisor. He has also been appointed the Educator Assistant Professor on the Volunteer Pathway, Department of Pharmacology at the Robert Larner, MD College of Medicines.

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