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Ceramic Smokeware

Founder James Pagni created Ceramic Smokeware in 2015 to promote the use of ceramics when smoking cannabis. For Pagni, “ceramics have an earthy and grounding feel” that glassware lacks. He also highlights that ceramics are easy to clean. All his...


Chamba Cannabis Co

Founded in 2019 by three cannabis lovers, Chamba is a Canadian dispensary with two locations in Waterloo and Brampton, Ontario. The founders of Chamba wanted to create a down-to-earth, holistic shopping experience where people both knowledgeable and curious about cannabis...



Cloudious9 is a vaporizer company that aims to revitalize the vape industry. Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and vape enthusiasts, Cloudious9’s signature product is the Hydrology 9, the first vaporizer on the market with a built-in portable water...



According to the founders, DabTech was launched in 2018 with a straightforward mission: “to disrupt the overpriced and outdated devices of the vaporizer industry, particularly for concentrate users.” All of the work at DabTech is performed in-house, and its product...


Daily High Club

Operating out of California, Daily High Club is one of the biggest cannabis accessory providers around. Their subscription boxes have over 15,000 subscribers, and they have sold over 1 million products since their inception in 2015. Their social media following...


Dama Distributing

Launched in 2017, Dama Distributing is a sustainable cannabis packaging provider that makes eco-friendly packaging for a wide range of companies. These include what Dama Distributing refers to as “the world’s first and only home compostable pre-roll tubes,” as well...


Dr Dabber

Dr Dabber is a vaporizer company based in Nevada with distributors in Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa. The company’s online store offers a wide variety of products including dab rigs, vaporizers, atomizers, accessories, and apparel, in...


Green Goddess Supply

Since 2015, Green Goddess Supply has used its expertise in the e-commerce sector for the benefit of the cannabis industry. They design, source and sell quality cannabis products online, through affiliate programs and in retail stores. Their flagship product is...


Molino Glass

Molino Glass is a glass manufacturer, making dry herb and water pipes. Founded in 2000, Molino launched its first water pipe in 2003 and quickly became one of the premier online headshops. Molino offers glass smoking accessories and water pipes...


Piece Water Solution

Have we been doing bong water wrong this whole time? Piece Water Solution thinks so, and has crafted a bong water alternative liquid made out of a mix of all natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts. According to Piece Water...

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