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The 12 most unique bongs in 2024

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The 12 most unique bongs in 2024

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With more and more people discovering the benefits of using a bong to smoke, manufacturers are rising to the challenge, coming up with an incredible array of quirky, creative, and technologically-advanced bongs.

We’ve picked out our favorites and put together this list of the 12 most unique bongs on the market at the moment.

What is a bong?

Bongs, sometimes also known as water pipes, are devices with water or ice filtration systems that you use to smoke cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. Bongs are used to filter your smoke to make it cooler and smoother to inhale.

They do this by passing the smoke through one or more chambers that are filled with water or ice, though water is most common. They typically have a bowl near the bong’s base that holds your flowers or herbs, and once lit, the smoke passes through the bong before you inhale it at the top. See our step-by-step guide to how to use a bong for more details.

  • Laser combustion lighting system
  • Multiple power settings
  • Low battery life and quick recharging
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  • 14mm bowl
  • Four-armed tree percolator
  • Stunning glow-in-the-dark design
  • Made of 7mm borosilicate glass
  • Slitted diffuser downstem and ice notches
  • Beautiful 3D dragon artwork
  • Special seal avoids suction loss
  • Ventilation holes
  • Adjustable straps
  • 10.5-inch water pipe
  • Finely molded ceramic with dipped crackle-glazed finish
  • Matching glass bowl and coral poker
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  • Hand made from resin
  • 12 inches tall
  • Wizard design with metallic accents
  • Highly portable
  • Can be used as a bubbler or dab rig
  • Creative microscope design
  • Customizable for concentrates or flowers
  • Curved and straight mouthpieces
  • Flux plasma light design
  • 20.7-inch glass water pipe
  • Advanced recycler system
  • Multiple chambers and donut perc
  • Compact bubbler
  • Cute Star Wars design
  • Handcrafted in California
  • 10-inch water pipe
  • Affordable price tag
  • Hooded skeleton cupbearer design
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  • Spinning percolator
  • Mild percolation so smoke retains flavor
  • Minimalist beaker design
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Our favorite unique cool bongs

Here are some of the most unique bongs for sale today. This list includes mini bongs, some truly stunning glass water pipes, and bongs with amazing features such as laser combustion.

Hitoki Trident Laser Combustion Bong

When it comes to cool bongs, you can’t go past a laser combustion bong. These kinds of bongs work on the same principle as lighting your bowl with sunlight through a magnifying glass, but are a lot more advanced!

Laser combustion bongs deliver a concentrated beam of light that will light your flowers. Not only is this super cool, but it is the healthiest, most natural way to light your buds, so you’ll enjoy a much better taste than when you use a butane lighter.

We particularly love this one from Hitoki because it has multiple power settings, a light to show when you’re low on power, and safety interlocks. Better yet, you can quickly charge it through its USB-C port, and you’ll get more than 280 uses on a single charge!

Glow in the Dark Bong

If you want your bong to stand out — literally — this one is for you! In normal conditions, it’s a sleek 9.5-inch bong with blue accented glass. However, turn off the lights, and you’ll be treated to a dynamic glowing design.

What’s more, this is a solid, well-performing bong with a 14mm bowl and a diffused downstem. You’ll also appreciate the four-armed tree percolator that will significantly cool and diffuse your smoke.

Grace Glass Dragon Beaker Ice Bong

This is one of the most incredible beautiful bongs we’ve seen. It’s a beaker ice bong made of 7mm borosilicate glass, exquisitely painted with 3D artwork.

We love the colorful and unique dragon design, but underneath the beautiful exterior is a high-quality bong with some solid features. Not only is the shatter-proof borosilicate glass nice and thick, but it also has a slitted diffuser downstem, ice notches, and a carb hole for added control (a rubber carb stopper is included). 

You can choose between an 18.8mm ground joint and a 29.2mm ground joint version, both equipped with a glass herb bowl with a handle, so you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers! Both versions also have a sturdy construction and plenty of space for the smoke to cool before it reaches your mouth.

Gas Mask Bong

Gas mask bongs are more than just a quirky piece of collectable art — they’re also super practical. Not only do you have two hands free to light up, but the mask creates an airtight seal that prevents smoke from escaping and allows you to inhale more.

This affordable gas mask bong has a special seal that allows you to immediately light up inside the mask without suction loss. The mask has ventilation holes at the bottom so you can exhale without lifting the mask and attaches securely to an acrylic bong that comes included. The mask also features adjustable straps to comfortably fit just about anyone, making it ideal for parties and group sessions.

Mermaid Water Pipe

We simply love this beautiful ceramic bud vase with its ocean vibes and mermaid tail shape. The finely molded ceramic in tones of sandy-brown and aqua blue has exquisite fish-scale detail and a dipped crackle-glazed finish.

This piece features a matching glass bowl and a coral poker, and is embellished with a cowrie shell symbol to complete the ocean theme. The water pipe is 10.5 inches tall and has a 45-degree joint. You’ll definitely want to put this on display as a piece of art when you’re not using it! 

Wizard Resin Novelty Pipe

Fantasy fans will love this unique water pipe, featuring a wise wizard decorated with metallic gold and silver accents. The bong base is in the shape of a tree trunk to match the theme, with a metal bowl to hold your flowers.

Hand made from resin, this bong stands 12 inches tall, providing plenty of room to cool your smoke despite the narrow shape.

Glass Microscope Mini Bong

This mini bong is highly portable, but most importantly, it comes in a creative, innovative design. Made from clear and blue glass, it looks just like a microscope, so it makes an excellent choice for science geeks.

This glass bubbler can also be used as a dab rig, suiting both smokers and dabbers alike. You’ll love being able to enjoy water filtration with this compact mini bong that you can take anywhere. However, don’t let the small size fool you — this piece has a thick percolator downstem for a consistent rip.

Flux Plasma Bong

This premium water pipe features a unique, retro flux plasma design that is sure to delight and entertain. Dim the lights, turn the flux on, and you’ll enjoy a stunning light show that is powered by a battery that is easily charged with a USB charger. 

The bong can be customized to use with concentrates or flowers, and has been precision-engineered to deliver a super smooth hit every time. Along with the water pipe, you’ll also get a charged curved and a straight mouthpiece, both made from handmade glass.

Lookah Recycler Bong Water Pipe

What makes this bong unique is its advanced recycler technology designed to give you the freshest, smoothest hit of your life. Lookah’s 20.7-inch glass recycler water pipe has a series of chambers for next-level cooling and filtering capabilities.

The first chamber contains a tree percolator with vertical slits on spring-shaped arms. From there, the smoke can exit to the central coil recycler or to one of two recyclers on the sides, each giving it plenty of time to cool as it goes. These three recyclers unite at a large central donut perc, spinning and cooling the smoke before finally sending it to an ice pinch.

Sculpted Star Bot Mini Bong

Calling all Star Wars fans — this one makes a truly unique gift for a loved one, or even for yourself!

This compact bubbler is in the shape of your very own little R2D2. Each piece is handcrafted in California and measures around 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches. 

Skeleton Cupbearer Ceramic Water Pipe

This is another bong that will make you stand out, and is perfect for anyone with a taste for the macabre. Made in the shape of a hooded skeleton cupbearer, the “cup” on this water pipe is, in fact, a threader metal herb bowl.

The sleek 10-inch water pipe is easy to hold and pass, while the wide base makes it nice and stable when you set it down. It’s also very portable, so you can easily take it with you to parties. Best of all, this spooky water pipe is very affordable.

Scylla Kinetic Spinning Propeller Perc Beaker Bong

This glass bong has a truly unique spinning percolator that will make your smoke spin endlessly. It has a minimalist, classic beaker design, but the true star of the show is its propeller perc, which spins the whole time that smoke travels down the joint to the percolator.

This not only looks fantastic, but it supplies a mild level of percolation while letting the smoke retain the flavor of the flower or concentrate. Light this one up and watch your smoke spin like a whirlpool for a next-level experience!

Bottom line

From unique water bongs to unique glass bongs, there are a number of fun and beautiful pieces that will elevate your smoking experience and give you a cool, smooth hit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a bong:

  • Be sure to keep your bong clean and change the water regularly; otherwise, it can become smelly
  • Don’t put too much cannabis into the bowl, as this can clog the pipe
  • If you’re new to using a bong, it’s a good idea to start by sitting at a table and set the bong down while smoking
  • Be careful not to drop your bong or spill the water, as the smell can be very difficult to remove from carpet or upholstery
  • Generally, room temperature water is best, but you can experiment with colder or warmer water to see which gives you the best experience
  • You can put ice cubes in the basin or chamber of the bong to cool your smoke down even more
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